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The sausager Karl Rekedal was a sausager for more than 50 years,
and what he doesn’t know about sausages isn’t worth knowing...
Far off in the mountains, on a small farm, there once lived a boy named Karl.  Food was scarce, but his mother thought that if Karl came to a sausager he could eat as much sausage as he wanted to.
Thusly, he became a sausager
The local butcher needed an assistant, and Karl was up for the job.  After three years as an apprentice butcher he sought to move on, with the desire of becoming a sausage maker – or a sausager.  His journey led him north to Tromsø and Kirkenes, but his dream of the sweet eastern Norway would not go away.  During the war, Karl traveled south to Brumunddal, looking to work as a butcher.  Here, Karl found the girl he wanted to marry, a girl with relatives in Follebu in Gausdal.
Starting up in Follebu
Happily married, Karl and his wife moved to Follebu.  He became even happier when he was offered to take over a meat shop from an old horse merchant.  As was normal at the time, the butcher needed to travel to the farms himself, to find the livestock he were to slaughter and make a living out of.  With Karl on the task was the old livestock handler Mathias Bjørlien.  They went from farm to farm, buying bulls more or less randomly.  Sometimes luck was on their side, sometimes it wasn’t.  The townspeople in Gausdal were friendly and easy to trade with, and Mathias was already well liked.  In the butchery they made sausages, and chopped minced meat for the locals.
A tasty smoked sausage
A well tasting sausage should be made from clean, high-quality components.  Meat and fat are the main ingredients, and the spice is our little secret.  They have to taste good, or we couldn’t sell them.  Originally, the smoking and curing of meat and sausages were used to conserve the food.  Back in the days not everyone could afford buying sausages, but now the economy is different, and the interest for the Norwegian smoked sausage is constantly rising.
The love of the trade persists
The greatest joy of the Rekedal family has always been the production of sausages.  After 65 years in the trade the family’s enthusiasm for the job remains.  Experiencing the unique taste of their sausages, the Rekedal family still proudly takes part in the production of the traditional smoked sausages from Follebu.

Contact Information

Rekedal Pølsefabrikk AS
Heimstadjordet 14
N-2656 Follebu

Telefon: +47 61 22 86 70
Faks: +47 61 22 86 71
E-post: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Party tips

Cover the table with cured meats, mutton and some sorts of tasty sausages. Serve with scrambled eggs, sour cream and home baked flatbread, and decorate with pieces of orange, cucumber, pickled onions, lettuce and grapes.

Storage of cured meats

Our sausages storage quality is very high. The sausages are good for about two weeks in a refrigerator, but will keep their quality for well over a year in a freezer. We recommend that you store your sausages in the freezer, only unfreezing as much sausage as you will use in two weeks. The sausages should not be stored in plastic containers.