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Våre pølser kjennetegnes med god smak og høy kvalitet. Det er lavt fettinnhold i pølsene og det er ikke andre tilsetningsstoffer enn natriumnitritt(salt). Alle våre produkter har lang holdbarhet.

Grossister, butikkeiere eller privatpersoner som ønsker å vite mer om våre produkter kan gjerne kontakte oss.

PepperoniThe sausage with the hot and right taste.
The Pepperoni sausage is a classic when it comes to sausage history.  It has a rich taste, and is great on pizzas, sandwiches and in omelets.

ReinsdyrThe sausage with the characteristic taste of game meat.
A good game sausage with a lot of taste.  Exiting topping for sandwiches.

ReinsdyrMild "allrounder"
The mild, friendly salami type.

RødvinspølseThe most popular sausage, flavored with an unique spice mix.
This sausage is our best selling product.  The taste is rich but mild, and the sausage is excellent for sandwiches and an obvious part of the Norwegian "spekebord", or "cured meat table" in English.

HvitløkpølsePerfectly balanced taste of garlic.
This sausage has a lot of taste, although the garlic is not rampant.  Great on pizza or sandwiches.

BaconpølseThe only bacon sausage!  May be eaten as-is, roasted as bacon or used on pizza.
Well suited for sandwiches and as snacks, our bacon sausage is also great for toast, pizza or with eggs.  Perfect for the breakfast table!

ReinsdyrA sausage with the characteristic taste of game meat.
Our most sold game sausage, excellent taste!

MorrpølseSnacks or toppings.
The Morr sausage is good both as snacks and on bread.

MorrpølseFor cured meat-plates, snacks or in a sandwich..
This is a variant of the well known Morr sausage, this is red in color and may be compared to a salami.  Mild and good, may be used on cured meat plates, snacks or on bread.

FårepølseWithout pork meat or added fat.
Great tasting mutton sausage, without added fat or pork meat.

HjortepølseExcellent taste of deer.

DalapølseFor snacks or on bread!
Lean sausage, with no added fat.  Great both for snacks or in a sandwich.

DalapølseEn meget populær pølse med mye smak!
Frisk på smaken og ikke for sterk.

DalapølseA very popular sausage with a lot of taste!
Fresh taste, not too hot.

DalapølseMye og god smak!

DalapølsePacked with great taste!

Contact Information

Rekedal Pølsefabrikk AS
Heimstadjordet 14
N-2656 Follebu

Telefon: +47 61 22 86 70
Faks: +47 61 22 86 71
E-post: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Party tips

Cover the table with cured meats, mutton and some sorts of tasty sausages. Serve with scrambled eggs, sour cream and home baked flatbread, and decorate with pieces of orange, cucumber, pickled onions, lettuce and grapes.

Storage of cured meats

Our sausages storage quality is very high. The sausages are good for about two weeks in a refrigerator, but will keep their quality for well over a year in a freezer. We recommend that you store your sausages in the freezer, only unfreezing as much sausage as you will use in two weeks. The sausages should not be stored in plastic containers.